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At Banch Marketing, we’re a full-scale digital marketing agency with an emphasis on driving digital performance. One of our specialties is to help brand owners like you explore digital advertising platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, and many others that fit your goals and brand. We wield the powers of PPC (pay-per-click advertising) and SEO (search engine optimization) to bring the results you need.

Used together, digital advertising is the third pillar, along with Social Media and Public Relations, used to elevate your company to new heights and increase your visibility online. Cool, eh?

With our all-inclusive package, you get an internet marketing agency that practices the fine art and science of conversion by playing to the strengths of our digital marketing services.

So how do we do it?

We look at your data, then build an effective digital marketing strategy. That starts by outlining the following:

  • Your business goals and KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Your current analytics. This could include any current digital advertising efforts you already have including Google Analytics, which helps us understand your active audience.
  • Your target market and industry insights

With that, we craft an online advertising strategy to help you reach and engage your ideal audience on any device, any location and at any time.

Starting with keyword research, we select the best terms that fit your brand, content, product or service and give you the best online opportunities. We explore the effectiveness of long-tail and short-tail keywords that may bring quality traffic and conversion as well as use your targeted keywords and build on them by tapping into market share, competitive analysis, keyword difficulty and volume data.

After we’ve tailored a unique keyword cache, we implement a blended campaign strategy consisting of Paid and Organic Search Engine marketing, to boost your company’s website ranking.

We think that this is one of the best things you can do for a brand, but if you’re wondering about anything, schedule a call to ask us for more details about what our digital marketing services could do for your business.