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Smooth Meal Prep


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/smoothmealprep/


Smooth Meal Prep is a dedicated business who prepares healthy meals to encourage healthy lifestyles to a large number of Canadians. Their company required a professional web presence and with Banch, their experience can be what to expect in your first month: 


The onboarding process was fast and easy. After providing a detailed plan with agreed-on-goals and terms, Smooth Meal Prep’s growth plan was underway. Within 36 hours, the team at Banch had tested several ads to kick start the learning phase within Facebooks API.


In the beginning, Smooth Meal Prep had a strict and inflexible budget, after the initial testing phase of their campaigns we quickly decided to increase the ad spend. Their return on investment skyrocketed from a 5.3 ROI to 18.9 an ROI. Banch took a hold of the company’s instagram account, designing a theme and adding spunk to the brand. We developed a consistent colour scheme, and chose an appropriate font to accurately reflect their brand. With that, Smooth Meal Prep to this day increases the number of followers on the account monthly. The combination of their brightened instagram, along with Facebook Advertisements lead to overall social media growth, thus leading to more meal orders and increased brand awareness


Even on the first day working with the team at Banch, Smooth Meal Prep was noticeably profitable, and have been every day since working together. The outcome surpassed their expectations and has contributed to the success in their success in the meal prep industry.