God The Father

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/godthefatherapparel/
Website : https://godthefatherapparel.com

God the Father Apparel is a clothing brand that started from the ground up in November of 2019 and since then, it has only gone up. It is an e-commerce business that Drew Urquhart took a hold of from the beginning in terms of marketing.

Since the company’s debut, they have gone through two website redesigns. Although that seems like a lot in just 5 months, each time serves as a critical reason for customers to stay interested and engaged, and highly converting. Drew’s dedication to posting daily on instagram has paid off as he gained over 5000 followers in under 5 months and shows no sign of deceleration. With those followers came website visits, and with those visits came sales. Selling over 1,000 pieces of God the Father apparel, Drew managed to help the company make 600 sales before the 5 month mark of its startup date. The team at GTF have achieved an impressive 2.7 conversion rate in the last 3 months. 

Facebook Ads run by Banch have been a key component in the growth and success of God the Father Apparel. The tracking pixel designed to target the interested audience was installed from the get go and was using general and broad based targeting. After one hundred orders or so, the number of orders and email list grew exponentially. The pixel collected more data, helping Drew guide the clothing company to cater to lookalike audiences. It also served as a way to adjust and retarget campaigns.

With new campaigns designed explicitly based on audience data, Drew was constantly changing and updating Facebook ads keeping in mind the importance of just enough consistency. His main focus for God the Father Apparel was on their website, Facebook ads, their Instagram page and overall brand appeal.

Fast forward to today, God the Father Apparel is now within the top 3% of stores globally who have launched in the same month. Banch was able to bring in 300 organic SEO based website viewers per day, totalling just over 1000 viewers per day. That being said, 700 of those viewers are coming based on Facebook ads and a successfully run social media asset spending $85 per day.