God The Father

God the Father Apparel is a clothing brand that started from the ground up in November of 2019. An in house e-commerce business that Banch Marketing took a hold of from the beginning

Facebook Ads run by Banch have been a key component in the growth and success of God the Father Apparel. With new campaigns designed explicitly based on audience data, We are constantly changing and updating Facebook ads based on our testing and scaling strategy.

Fast forward to today, God the Father Apparel has brought in over 1MM in the first 16 months of business. Spending just over 250k on advertising, averaging out a 4X in our first year.

  • $O-$1,000,000 In a year
  • 65K+IG Followers & growing
  • 4.5x Roas
  • 2.5 CONV Rate
  • 1000 + 5 Star reviews
  • $65 AOV

Habits 365

Habits 365 is an apparel brand we started with in June of 2020. We took this account from a break even on ads to over a 8X return daily.

We utilized this brand’s already existing influencer strategy to scale a brand ambassador funnel headlined with stars like James Harden, Da Baby, Ja Morant, Floyd Maywhether and many more

In our first three months with Habits we brought in over 300k with only having to spend 50k on advertisements.

  • $O-$5,000,000 In a year
  • 250K+IG Followers & growing
  • 6x Roas
  • $55 AOV
  • 2.0 CONV Rate

Glory Juice

We are outsourced by another digital marketing agency to run the media buying efforts of Glory Juice. In our first 4 months as media buyers we have decreased CPA by 40% and increased AOV by 15%. Overall we have added an additional $14,000 in revenue for the brand strictly on the advertising side with zero additional budget required.

  • 14K+IG Followers & growing
  • 9x Roas

&OR Collective

Working as Chief Operating Officers on this Vancouver startup we have had our hands on every part of this soon to be monster brand!

The company is looking to raise almost 1MM in funding for their launch in 2021. This brand is focused heavily on a fairly untapped sustainable adaptive wear market. Although in the early stages, we have had a major part in the building, design and pre launch strategy.

Going forward Banch marketing will be taking over all operations on making this brand the newest and baddest sustainable adaptive wear brand on the market!